3 Reasons Why Headphones Are Best for Gaming

I’m a sucker for any accessory going, whether it’s those ridiculous tennis racket attachments for the Wii or something much more practical like a controller charging stand. It was because of my accessory grabbing tendencies that I picked up a rather cheap pair or gaming headphones at last year’s Gadget Show Live, and realised that my little spur of the moment purchase may have just changed the way I game forever.

This isn’t going to be a long article listing the benefits of headphones in painstaking accuracy, Im sure that there are enough of them out there at the moment to cover everyone for a while and quite frankly, I am more of a high speed discussion kind of writer. Instead, let me give you a personal run down of why headphones may change your gaming experience. For me, there are 3 big reason that headphones are number 1!

1. The first time you whack on a pair of headphones and boot up your favorite game, you will instantly notice a difference. I would suggest diving into an online game of COD or Battlefield and just listen as you play. There are some sounds that you would never have picked up on until now, and it will blow you away. Having the sound boom out of you TV at the highest volume may be one hell of a way to play, but you won’t be able to pinpoint where that enemy chopper is coming from, or hear those footsteps creeping up behind you. If you are a competitive sort, then having that exact sound in your ears is a game changer and the first step to being a pro.

2. Want an instant way to create atmosphere? Get those headphones on. Every once in a while a truly amazing story will immediately suck you into its world, only to get pulled right back out again by a passing police car or your roommate singing in the shower. Good headphones will not only work at putting clear sound into your ears, but also keep out anything that takes you out of the experience. Just be careful what sort of games you are playing. Those with a weak heart should avoid playing horror games this way, especially if that same roommate takes advantage of the situation to sneak up on you and scare you half to death! (true story…)

3. For those social gamers out there like me, playing with your mates usually takes up a large part of your game time. Why then make yourself wear that horrible little thing that the consoles came with on your head for hours, rather than a comfy pair of headphones? Most quality headphones will allow you to adjust the input of game sound to chat allowing for the best of both worlds. I personally like to have the chat the loudest so that there is crystal clear communication. Even then it is a little flick of the switch, then it’s back to playing solo and I am back in the game.

I ended buying myself a much better pair of wireless Turtle Beaches shortly after getting my first pair, and I don’t think that I would go back to wired. If you can afford it, not having the wires makes a big difference. And I can always still be chatting while making myself a tasty sandwich.

So there’s my short list of why headphone are the way to go with gaming. Do you use headphones or have you got an amazing set of speakers? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Michael Scoates

    I use headphones because:

    1) Loud as you want without disturbing others

    2) Immersion, same as your second point

    3) Built in headset!

    I still use these: http://www.implayin.co.uk/reviews/using-the-playstation-gold-wireless-headset/ for the PS4, Vita and PC which makes them the best value ever, and I’ve got a rather nifty Medusa NX headset for the XBox 360 though I wish I could use the PS4 headset with that too because it’s much better sound quality.

    When I win the Euromillions I’ll build my own home gaming cinema and ditch the headsets, but until then I can’t go back to speakers.

  • SnappyJon

    “… And I can always still be chatting while making myself a tasty sandwich.”

    Just don’t wear them while going to the loo (true story…).

  • SnappyJon

    “… And I can always still be chatting while making myself a tasty sandwich.”

    Just don’t wear them while going to the loo (true story…).