The 2016 IM PLAYIN Awards

What a year!

2016 was an interesting year in video games. It brought back the mighty Ratchet & Clank and brought franchises like Battlefield to new and unexplored eras. PlayStation VR was released and other new hardware like Scorpio and the Switch were announced. We take a look back at the best of 2016, with our picks for the 2016 IM PLAYIN awards!

Game Of The Year

There must be a formula to make incredible games that draw millions of players into their ecosystem forever, and Blizzard obviously are the holders of that formula. Every time Blizzard launch a game it seems to be a hit, and that was no different with the 2016 release of Overwatch. Fantastic team and class based gameplay work seamlessly with the cast of ingenious and diverse characters, and a rich lore that keeps getting better and better. Not only did Overwatch become an overnight hit, but also spawned a whole new league in eSports and tackled controversial topics such as openly gay characters. Overwatch is a very special game, and is definitely deserving of 2016 game of the year.

Best Shooter

Titanfall 2 had a tough job, lunching at the same time as veteran shooters as well as launching on the PC and PS4 for the first time. However, with lightning fast gameplay, a great variety of weapons and extremely versatile play with both pilot and titan control, Titanfall 2 deserves the title of best shooter this year.

Best CO OP Game

There is no quicker way to fall out with a friend than by playing a co-op game, but overcoming those odds to succeed make the rewards all the more satisfying! Overcooked can be played solo by why on gods green earth would you. This cooking based game not only provides more frantic, controller throwing, head banging moments than most, but it also is so much fun to play. Grab up to 3 friends and jump into a wide variety of kitchens with new challenges that require different tactics every time. There is never a dull moment in Overcooked.

Best Online Multiplayer

As far as a new and fresh playing experience in the shooter category goes, Titanfall is king. BUT, when it comes to multiplayer, you can’t beat the Battlefield series. DICE have outdone themselves this year with Battlefield 1. The online multiplayer is smooth, it’s immersive, it’s exhilarating and it’s downright insane. Being bombarded by mortars. Charged by horses. Blown up by tanks. Pepped by planes. Or just run through with a bayonet. The online multiplayer of Battlefield 1 is a constant surprise, full of gritty, intense and exciting ‘only in Battlefield’ moments.

Best Zombie Game

It wouldn’t be an IM PLAYIN list without mentioning a zombie game. 7 Days to Die has gotten a lot of stick since its release on console. But it’s a solid zombie survival game. Combining mechanics similar to Minecraft with survival elements, and zombies, is a recipe for a brilliant game. Sure, it doesn’t have the story of Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. It doesn’t have the gameplay of State of Decay. But, as a game in its own right, it’s a solid playing experience – one that we still come back to, even half a year since purchasing it.

Best VR Game

Few VR games that launched with the PlayStation headset this year felt like actual games. But RIGS demonstrated how us gamers can lose hours at a time blasting away in 360 virtual environments. Beyond the gameplay, RIGS offered a great multiplayer experience and lots of unlocks that encouraged further play, even after you reached the top!

Best Sports Game

FIFA 16 was a massive disappointment. Let’s face it. The game was broken. Because of that, with FIFA 17, we were a little hesitant. Thankfully, EA picked up the slack from the previous year and, with FIFA 17, have delivered a fantastic football based video-game. Is it the best FIFA title to date? Yes. But then every new iteration should be, otherwise why are they bothering?

So there they are! The 2016 IM PLAYIN Awards have been announced and a huge congratulations to all the winners. With so many great games released this year, we would love to know your thoughts on our winners, or who you think should have won.

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