20 Thoughts Everyone Has While Playing Overwatch

Overwatch is a special game. Taking the PS4, Xbox One and PC shooter scene by storm over the last few weeks. While each game and everyone’s experience is different, Overwatch has a language that all its players understand. That being said, there are just some things that I think we have all felt at one point or another.

  1. New game, who to choose, who to choose?
  2. I think I’ll try a new player, how about Tracer?
  3. Oh wait, 2 other people are Tracer, I guess I’ll choose someone else…
  4. Well, we need a tank, I’ll go Reinhardt.


  5. OK. Everyone just needs to get behind me.
  6. Where are they all!? I have a shield for God’s sake!
  7. Great! I died with no support.
  8. Guess I’ll change character.
  9. Hmm, sod it, let’s get some kills with Soldier 76.


  10. This is better. I’m starting to rack up some kills and we are moving the payload.
  11. Where do they keep coming from!? I swear it takes us longer to respawn.
  12. HAHA take that! Triple kill bitches!
  13. Yes, my ultimate ability is almost ready.
  14. Time to pop Tactical Visor! Here I com… WHERE IS EVERYONE!?
  15. Well that was a waste of an ultimate.
  16. How has this payload not reached the checkpoint yet?
  17. Just an inch more. One…more…inch…
  18. Well shit… How the hell did we lose that!?
  19. Ooh, the next game has already started, let’s do this!!!!!