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Double XP focuses on the things that make gaming great; from those priceless digital feats that leave us all wondering “how did they do that?!”, to discussions on the latest gaming related news and releases, Double XP aims to provide a fresh platform for anybody to share their gaming experiences and stories..

After 3 years reporting and creating content around games, Double XP (formerly known as IM PLAYIN) has fostered a wonderful community of gamers who have shaped the focus and drive of the core editorial team. It is because of this that we always reach out to this wonderful community to get involved in everything we do!

As a result, the team at Double XP have upped the effort, bringing you more videos and articles than ever before! On top of that, we now have a host of live shows, broadcast on our Facebook page each week.

Double XP is the best place to see great gaming content on the web!